My $100 Office

How I spent less than $100 for my ideal working setup

I needed a quiet space at home where I could sit down and tweak the code of my site, and otherwise tinker with some web development tools I want to learn. Since my second bedroom had some empty space and a window with a nice view of the garden, it was the perfect place to try to fit a small workstation.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but I still wanted my new writing setup to look good, so my logical first stop was Ikea’s website. I found a $35 desk and a $15 chair that I liked and perfectly fit the space available, so I drove to the nearest store and picked them up.

I also wanted to give the space some character, so I selected twelve pictures I had taken on my trips and ordered 8x10 prints (I got them for less than $20 in Snapfish). I also got some cheap but stylish frames from Walmart ($11 for a set of six, so $22 total).

Finally, I added a recycled lamp I got for free.

Last weekend I installed everything and this is how it now looks:

I am extremely happy with this new setup. I now have a place to write and code comfortably, that looks good and cost me less than $100.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2015

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