My name is Mario Sanchez Carrion and this is my personal website.

While I'm not at work I spend most of my time learning how to code, and I use this website to document and practice what I learn. Other things I like to do are investing, reading non-fiction and watching good soccer.


I pursue coding and web development as a serious hobby. I've tried my hand at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, ReactJS and NodeJS, among other things.

If you're just starting out, I recommend the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course from Harvard, which you can now take online for free at edX. This course will help you start off your coding journey on the right foot by focusing on the the fundamentals. Programming will make more sense to you after taking this course than if you just start learning by jumping around random tutorials and videos online.

Another good resource for beginners is Treehouse. There is a small monthly subscription fee but it's totally worth it. The material and the teachers are great and the lessons are fun.

These are some practice projects I've completed.

For info on the tools I regularly use for web development go here. If you are interested in knowing how this site is made go here. If you're up to it, you can even check out the site's source code. In the spirit of sharing, please feel free to use any part of the code or style sheet (just add your own content).

Photo Gallery

I've had the opportunity to travel to many places around the world either for work or for pleasure. These are some pictures of places I've been.

The photo gallery is generated on the fly by a JavaScript snippet, and the styling is inside the main style sheet. If you're interested in the implementation details or want to use this gallery in your own site read here.


My presence on social media is almost non-existent. I deleted my Facebook profile some time ago because I don't trust that company. I still maintain a profile on Twitter that I use mostly as a news aggregator. My preferred way of communicating is still email.

Email:  mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org

PGP Fingerprint:  D9FA 4AC6 F574 314F D1C3 01CC 60B6 81F3 7E86 9B96  (public key).

This is my /now page.

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