My name is Mario Sanchez Carrion. I am a self-taught web developer. This is my personal website, where I keep track of my progress and share what I learn.

Besides coding I like biking, soccer, old technology, salsa music, Chipotle and cold weather.


Here are some of my recent web development projects:

URL Shortener with Python
Moon Phase With JavaScript
ECommerce Front End with Flask
Twitter Clone with React
Bootstrap Real Estate Website

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About This Site

This site is generated with Hugo, a lightning-fast static site generator written in Go. I'm using a hand-coded CSS style sheet optimized for speed, that provides the look and feel of a text editor from the early days of computing.

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I regularly take coding and tech classes online. Here are some of my recent certifications:

Django For Everybody - 2021
Google IT Support - 2021
Data Analysis with Python - 2021
CS50x Introduction to Computer Science - 2018


mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org.

PGP Fingerprint:

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Content licensed under CC0-1.0
Code licensed under GNU GPLv3