My name is Mario Sanchez Carrion. I am a web developer in training, open-source advocate and proponent of an open and decentralized web.

Practice Projects

Here are some of my recent web development projects:

Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures I've taken, organized in an online album created with JavaScript.

About This Site

This site is generated with Hugo, a static site generator written in Go, that prides itself of being the world's fastest framework for building websites. Hugo enjoys active community support, so the likelihood of having to deal with stale dependencies in the future is very small. Of all the platforms I've used so far, Hugo has been the fastest and most reliable.

I run a hand-coded CSS style sheet optimized for speed, that provides the look and feel of a text editor from the early days of computing.

Also, This site doesn't run Google Analytics or any other tracking software, and there are no affiliate links. It is served over HTTPS to ensure all traffic is encrypted.

I am currently hosting the site in Github Pages which comes with HTTPS and custom domain support. In the past, I've hosed the site in a Digital Ocean virtual private server, but Github Pages seems like a better option for a simple static site.


I've created a Uses page, inspired by Wes Bos's project, to list the main technologies I am using for web development.

I've also created a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers, to give a short update of what I'm up to these days.


I regularly take coding and tech classes online. Here are some of my recent certifications:


You can contact me by email at mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org.

PGP Fingerprint:

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