About Me

My name is Mario Sanchez Carrion and I’m a full stack junior developer.

Since retiring from the corporate world in 2022 I’ve been experimenting with location independence, maintaining a base in Miami, FL, but living in different cities for several weeks to several months. The cities where I feel most at home are Paris (FR), Raleigh, NC and Lima (PE). I have posted a few pictures here.

Although I had been building static web pages with HTML and CSS since the Geocities era, I started learning real programming languages a few years ago, and immediately discovered that I had a passion for everything related to coding and computers. Since then, I am constantly striving to learn more every day.

I have completed several certifications, mainly from the CS50 suite of courses (offered online by Harvard University) and freeCodeCamp. I also engage in a daily coding practice, to better remember what I learn and to discover new learning opportunities.

I have developed projects in both the front end and the back end, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL, most of which you can see in my Github repositories. I have also deployed web applications to servers in the cloud, among them Digital Ocean and Heroku (where I keep live demos of some of my projects).

Aside from my coding activities, I am available for tutoring in Math and SAT/ACT test preparation. I am also open to business opportunities that match my values and fit my location-independent lifestyle.

You can contact me by email at mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org, or find me in LinkedIn or Github.

Last updated: Nov 21, 2023

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