Hi, I'm Mario Sanchez Carrion. I am a junior web developer and programmer based in Miami. I currently work full time as a marketing manager and brand strategist at a Fortune 500 industrial and consumer goods manufacturer, but web development and coding is my focus when I'm not at work. This is my web development personal site.

I have always been fascinated by the Internet, and have been an active participant on the web since the mid-to-late 90's. My first website was a painstakingly hand-coded Geocities site built using the first iterations of HTML and CSS. Later, I built and ran other sites using those same tools, with the main purpose of learning about search engine optimization (SEO).

When Web 2.0 came along, I self-hosted a few Wordpress blogs, which lost steam once social networks like Twitter and Facebook became more popular. Now, of course, we all know that Facebook, Twitter and the like are toxic, addiction-inducing platforms that manipulate and exploit users for money. This year I finally deleted my Facebook account and logged out of Twitter for good, only to re-discover the joy of building and deploying my own sites from scratch. After all, you don't need a large, centralized platform to express yourself online: all you need is a domain name, a few HTML files, and a place to host them.

I am currently learning the tools of modern web development, and have developed websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, and ReactJS, and have deployed static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo and Metalsmith (the engine I'm currently using to build this site).

I am mostly self-taught, and have completed the Front End Web Development and Beginning JavaScript tracks at Treehouse. I have also completed the WebDev program at The Idea Center, where I am currently enrolled in CS50xMiami.

About This Site

The first thing you will notice about this site is how plain it looks. That's exactly how I want it. I want to keep it minimalist, functional and fast. I could make it more fancy, but that's not what I want for my personal site. This site is also responsive, so it will look good on mobile phones, tablets and computer screens.

To build this site I used a static site generator called Metalsmith, made with NodeJS. When I want to update the site, I just write content in Markdown and then run Metalsmith to create the site's HTML files. Those files are then deployed to a Digital Ocean Ubuntu-powered virtual private server.

This site is transmitted through the Internet using HTTPS, or Secure HTTP, courtesy of Let's Encrypt, so all communications with this site are encrypted and secure. Also, this site doesn't track you, nor does it use any third party tracking tools. There are no Google Analytics and no social media share buttons installed.

The site's source code is open-source and hosted on Github. In the spirit of sharing you can use the style sheets and templates for your own site if you want (just add your own content).


The best way to contact me is by email:

Email: mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org

PGP Fingerprint: D9FA 4AC6 F574 314F D1C3 01CC 60B6 81F3 7E86 9B96 (public key)

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