May 29, 2020


Tools I use for web development. Inspired by Wes Bos's project.

I’ve joined the community and created this /uses page to list the tools I’m currently using for web development.

  • Computer: Toshiba Satellite C55. 4Gb of RAM. Intel Celeron N2830 dual core processor. It’s a little underpowered, but it was cheap (~$250). I bought it a few years ago when I was just beginning to code and it still does the trick, so I haven’t replaced it. If you want to know what kind of computer you need this article has very good tips.

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Some of the most significant developments in the world of programming and web development are easily accessible from the Linux command line. A few years ago I decided to take the plunge, ditch Windows and install Ubuntu Linux in my computer. So far so good.

  • Static Site Generator: Hugo, by far the fastest and most reliable website engine I’ve ever used.

  • Responsive Framework: minimal.css. I created my own style sheet from scratch rather than using something like Bootstrap, since I didn’t need 99% of the functionality.

  • Version Control: Git and Github. I don’t know what I would do without Git. Some advance features can be challenging to grasp, but the basics are pretty straightforward, and you may find yourself using just a few Git commands most of the time.

  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code. The choice of text editor is one of the most fiercely debated topics among programmers. I haven’t yet met anybody who doesn’t like Sublime Text, although hard-core developers wouldn’t be caught dead using something other than Vim. For me, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code works like a charm. For quick edits I sometimes use Gedit (comes with Ubuntu), or Nano when I don’t want to leave the terminal.

  • Hosting: I alternate between Digital Ocean and Github Pages. I am currently using Github Pages, but I’m also operating a VPS for some project demos that require back end functionality.

  • SSL/TLS Certificate: Let’s Encrypt. That lets me serve this site through HTTPS. With Github Pages you now get SSL by default.

Thanks to Wes Bos for inspiring this page.

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