November 15, 2018

My current focus is on strengthening my web development and programming foundation, and for that, on July 24 I started CS50x Miami at the Idea Center. CS50 is the Introduction to Computer Science course from Harvard, now offered in different learning institutions around the country as CS50x (sort of like what TEDx does for TED).

CS50 is probably the first course you should take if you're interested in learning how to program, as it teaches you how to think like the computer and how to understand the basic constructs you will find in any programming language. In my case I'm taking this course kind of late into my web development journey, but better late than never to make sure I'm not missing anything important.

I have already completed all 9 Problem Sets and I'm now working on completing my final project, due December 14.

Last updated: November 16, 2018

Thanks to the great Derek Sivers for inspiring this page.


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