May 22, 2018

From Monday through Friday I work as a brand marketing manager for a large hardware manufacturer. On nights and weekends I spend most of the time teaching myself digital self-reliance and coding, and reading good non-fiction books.

My current focus is on learning about the decentralized web.

The Internet has been cornered by a few big players, none of which has our best interests at heart. Learning about, and promoting the use of tools that strive to bring the web back to its original, decentralized state is a way to fight back against those bad actors.

I'm currently trying out Secure Scuttlebutt, a peer-to-peer social network that uses no centralized point of contact and that you can read off-line (content resides in your local computer). I'm also experimenting with the Beaker Browser and the DAT data sharing protocol. Aside from that, I am operating my own VPS (virtual private server) and learning more about its inner workings.

As far as books is concerned, I am currently reading What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly.

Thanks to the great Derek Sivers for inspiring this page.


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