These are the languages, libraries and frameworks I've learned and used so far:


DOM (Document Object Model), semantic tags, IDs and classes, tables, forms, audio/video embeds.


Selectors (element, type, attribute), properties, pseudo-classes, media queries and responsive design, animation and transitions.


Variables, numbers, strings, booleans, arrays and objects, methods and functions, conditions, loops, DOM manipulation, AJAX, object-oriented programming, ES6 features (classes, arrow functions, etc.).


Selectors, effects, events, event handlers, DOM traversing, plug-ins.


The grid and all its components.


Node-based toolkit to automate many website building tasks.


JSX syntax, modules, component classes, method binding, development and production environments.


Basic Git workflow tasks: git add, git commit, git push, git pull, branching, merging, working with Github.

Static Site Generators

Layouts and templates, Markdown (for content), plug-ins. I have developed and deployed blogs and static sites with Jekyll, Hugo and Metalsmith.


Set up and deployment, themes, plug-ins. I'm not a big fan of Wordpress for small sites and personal blogs. I like to use static site generators instead.

Node and Express

Create a server and deploy simple dynamic sites using templating engines and routes.

VPS (virtual private servers)

Server set up, virtual hosts, domain management, website deployment. I'm currently using a Digital Ocean VPS (referral link).

Command Line

Basic Linux-style commands to navigate through directories, create and copy files, interact with Git, and communicate with a VPS.

This is my Treehouse profile where you can see all the courses I've completed.


USA 2018Site made with Metalsmith and deployed in a Digital Ocean VPS