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The 9 Principles

July 13, 2016

I found this slide in a meeting room at The Idea Center:

The principles, succinctly listed on the page, resonated immediately so I took a picture of the slide. Later, when I got home, I Googled them and found the source: Joi Ito, director of MIT's Media Lab wrote them in 2012 as he distilled the mental models required to succeed in the new world of work brought upon us by technology and the internet.

You can watch Ito's presentation where he explains in more detail each one of them.

I'm just going to list them here as a note-to-self for future reference:

  1. Resilience Over Strength
  2. Systems Over Objects
  3. Disobedience Over Compliance
  4. Pull Over Push
  5. Compasses Over Maps
  6. Emergence Over Authority
  7. Risk Over Safety
  8. Practice Over Theory
  9. Learning Over Education

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