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How to Use Juxtapose

A JavaScript before-and-after visual tool

June 07, 2016

As content creators in the digital age, writers and journalists need to get familiar with data visualization tools. One of these tools is Juxtapose, created by Northwestern University Knight Lab using JavaScript.

Juxtapose lets you highlight the before-and-after aspect of your stories using a visually compelling slider graphic (you can make one on the app's website and then just cut and embed a snippet of code on your site).

I tried it myself using two selfies I took during the last World Cup, wearing the jerseys of the two finalists (lame example, I know, but think of the possibilities if you're covering a more serious subject!)

If you want to check out the Juxtapose source code it is hosted on Github.

Update: Here is a great example of Juxtapose used in news media.

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