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My 3 Words for 2017

My 2017 take on Chris Brogan's yearly challenge

December 30, 2016


It is not unusual for people to spend their time in two different main activities: 1. Their job: What they do for money. 2. Their art: What they do out of passion.

A few lucky ones are able to make money with their art, but the rest of us must settle for the right balance, at least until we get so good at our art that others want to pay us for it.

An inspiring article I recently read suggests that we won't find the right balance between our job and our art unless we pursue our art seriously, like a pro and not just a dabbler. I fully agree.

I have already identified my art: web development and coding, so I will work diligently on it with the zeal of a true professional. Who knows? Perhaps one day I will be able to work on it full time.


Related to the previous one. Unless I hold myself accountable for progress I will not get better at my art, so I'll set up milestones and hard deadlines to make sure I'm moving closer to my goals. As Steve Jobs once said: real artists ship.


Every single successful person I know has a proven system to get things done. I have to get much better at organization. For example, I now have at least five different notebooks for web development notes. I have at least three different places where I jot down to-do lists. My hard drive is full of files that are probably never going to be opened again. Not good. This represents a huge cognitive cost that interferes with my overall productivity. In 2017 I will get much better at getting (and keeping myself) organized.

In summary

I will pursue web development and coding as a pro, by holding myself accountable for progress with hard deadlines, and organizing myself for maximum effectiveness.

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