home computer

These are the tools I'm currently using for web development:

The basic workflow I follow to update this site goes like this:

  1. Write posts or page content in Markdown.
  2. Go to the root folder of my project: / and run Metalsmith: npm start. This converts the markdown files to HTML and saves the updated site in the /public folder.
  3. Git commit the changes by running the following from the / root folder: git add --all and git commit -m "made some changes".
  4. Push the files to Github's remote repository: git push origin master.
  5. Push the static files in the /public folder to my Digital Ocean VPS by running ./ from the root folder. is a custom bash script that syncs the public folder in my local computer with the public folder in my VPS.
  6. Open the browser, navigate to the site and check that everything looks OK. If something is off, fix it and go back to #2.

USA 2018Site made with Metalsmith and deployed in a Digital Ocean VPS